Radiators - distance from wall?

You know how standard radiator brackets can be fixed in 2 ways, either
so the radiator is an inch or so from the wall, or very close up to
the wall.
We recently renovated and the plasterboard has made the walls come in
a bit so when I've come to put the radiators back on it seems I now
have to put the brackets on the other way round so the radiators are a
lot closer to the wall. This be ok? having radiators a few mm away
from a plasterboard wall? I'm assuming it should be as the brackets
are designed in that way.
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@localhost.com writes
A few mm? Mine are all fitted to use the close to the wall option and the back of the double panels are 25mm form the wall, they're Stelrad Elites.
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