PIR light electrics?

I was doing a few jobs for someone today (there is a long story there
about my day,but I wont go into it now.)
Anyway, they said they had fitted a new PIR activated floodlight on the
It wouldnt work, would I have a look?
OK, so check the fuse, and connectors on the inside switch.All looked ok
Then she says 'I think there's power to it, as I got a shock when I
touched it'.
Take out the fuse, and go to open the junction box on the light.
A 6 or 7 way connector block. What stood out were blocks 1 and 2. Block
1 had brown and yellow connected, block 2 had yellow and brown.
Oh dear.
I swapped them around after showing them the fault. They said they had
paid an electrician to fit it, though I doubted it.
Turn the light on, but nothing other than a click from the PIR box when
the inside switch was turned on/off.
My first thought was that the earth/live connector had runied the PIR
sensor, so it would never work.
I didnt have time to mess around with it any more today.
So - chuck it away and get a new one?, or maybe a quick fix is possible?
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In article , alan@darkroom.+.com (A.Lee) writes:
If someone made that mistake, I wouldn't rule out several similarly stupid ones. Check all the wiring related to it.
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Andrew Gabriel
On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 20:10:13 +0000 someone who may be this:-
Is the colour of the sheath yellow, as you have stated, or green and yellow? There is a difference.
Yellow coloured insulation does not indicate an earth connection. Rather it indicates a live connection in the old fixed wiring scheme. The other colours for live conductors being red and blue.
Is the light fitting perhaps wired with three core and earth cable, the three cores being red, yellow and blue? If it is then the yellow conductor should probably have been sleeved with red and the blue conductor with black at the ends.
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David Hansen
No, it was yellow and green - just a length of outer at the junction box, as it was std. T+E to the light. Maybe I should have made that clearer. Alan.
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On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 10:56:21 GMT someone who may be "The Medway Handyman" wrote this:-
Two possibilities:
1) that sort of cable was to hand.
2) it allows the light to be turned on at the switch (something that may be useful in some circumstances).
However, that was not the case in this particular case.
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David Hansen
Ours are wired that way so that two are linked: either PIR turns on both lamps (and a third lamp that doesn't have a PIR).
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Mike Barnes

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