QuickStep Laminate flooring / B&Q does not use

I am trying to determine which brand of laminate to use. There is one company that only sells Quick Step and say that for long lasting laminate and ease of installation, they should be the only ones to use.
Their main plugs are that most laminates are pretty good on the surface, but its where it joins which is where it is weak thus reducing the life of the laminate. Quick Step not only has a pioneering way of for ease of clicking in the laminates together, but also ensure that you cannot feel or see where the laminates connect and there is also a layer of wax between the laminates to reduce problems with water getting in the cracks if for any reason this does happen.
They also mentioned that B&Q fell out with Quick Step.
Basically, I want to know whether others recommend the Quick Step brand and are they much better above the others sold by B&Q etc. Also, anyone know why B&Q stop selling Quick Step?
Finally, I notice that B&Q divides its laminates to categorise some for better hard wearing living room use and others that are more waterproof for bathroom use. All the Quick Step ones seem to have no problems wherever you lay them down - is this a sign of quality or arrogance?
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