Power Saw replacement.

Hi all.
I have an old 1000W black and decker with a max 55mm cut...about 7 years
Its still good but I've seen a few web sites that have deals going on
although most are out of my range, eg makita,dewalt etc.
I use the B& D for accurate work 95% (as in bang on the line) of the time.
using the narrow side of the footplate to run against a guide.
But its nearly impossible to use the edge of the foot plate on the wide side
and the wide side is what I would use for mitre cuts to ensure that the foot
plate is flat on the piece.
The saw has also been used for cutting a lot of oak at 32 - 45mm thick
and it has often struggled to cope with this.
I don't think I need a mak or dewalt standard of saw. I just want something
with a 60+ mm cut, more than 1000W of power, fair to middling build quality
and preferably comes with a 24t or finer blade.
Hearing your recommendations.
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Skil Classic/Orca and it's variants:
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've tortured mine and it's still happy. With the depth of cut slightly reduced, a guide can be used under the motor body side.
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Whatever you buy make up one of these
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won't believe how effective they are.
I swear by my Makita 5604 available at £67 ish + postage from
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The Medway Handyman
has vanished in recent years 8-(
Out of the Skil Legend, Hitachi & Makita saws I use regularly, I'd probably go for the biggest Makita I could afford if I were buying again today.
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Andy Dingley
I wandered into Machine Mart at lunch time and they had a Hitachi C7U double knocked down to =A357.58. I hadn't specced up any Hitachi machines .. .. anyway 185m blade, 1150 W. I made a guess that it would be too good to walk away from and bought it.
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Arthur 51
I have always been very impressed with the bigger version of that (C9U) when I have used it in the past. It ought to be a good improvement on the B&D
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John Rumm
They're not bad (or the H9U), but the splitters are a bit flimsier than the others. They work fine as saws, but if you drop them the splitter bends high up inside the housing and you have to dismantle nearly the whole machine to bend it straight again.
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Andy Dingley
Tempting providence. It'll probably break tomorrow, then you will be swearing at it!
Seconded on the sawboard, though!
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I think you have just got a great bargain! Hitachi have a great reputation for reliability in the hire trade and for less than £60 its a great deal.
Jammy git - Screwfix want £119 for them :-)
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The Medway Handyman

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