Please could you vote for me..

I wondered if anyone could vote for me for a local radio "Runaway
Bride" competition. I have got down to the last 4 brides and I need as
many votes to get down to the last 2. If I get down to the last two I
then have to get as far across the world on =A310. The prize is the
honeymoon and I would love to win it for my other half.
Thanks for your help.
Allison O'Hare
Please vote here
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Spamming isn't the best way of winning a popularity competition.
I suggest we all vote for someone else, such as Kelly Dillon - a worthwhile member of society working as a teacher.
I wonder if we slashdot your spam we could *decimate* your chances completely :-p
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Colin Wilson
In message , Bob Eager writes
T&Cs I read said registration was necessary to vote. oh fsck knows where my head went... +1 for KD. Wonder if the Op will post the result for us here. ;-)
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Si - it's a news site for geeks...
There's a well known "slashdot effect" where an article can be so popular it can take down someone elses' site by virtue of all the news-reading geeks following the link - an unintentional DDoS !
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Colin Wilson
OK, so who got valentine's day spam from 2tenfm today? Thankfully I used a throw away address just for them.
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Andy Burns

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