Pin holes in grout

Did some tiling on Monday, returned to grout it Wednesday. Grouted the
tiles, proper float, finisher & sponge.
Two hours later when I finished the plumbing etc I noticed some of the grout
had pin holes.
Quick rub with a wet finger seemed to restore it.
This has happened to me before. Is it the make of grout? I've been using
Wickes all purpose tile adhesive & grout.
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time? Humidity? Make of grout?
Any thoughts?
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The Medway Handyman
That bit sounds ok
Aha, two potential problems:
The Wickes grouts I have used in the past have been quite poor really.
And the one product fits all category are worst of all (usually sticking like a grout, and grouting like an adhesive!)
Investing in a good quality powdered grout from Bal or Nicobond makes the job so much quicker and simpler. You can mix it relatively runny so that it is easy to float into all the gaps. Try not to entrain too much air in it when mixing. Cleans up nicely with a damp sponge after partially going off, and then a final rub over with a dry paper towel when all is fully dry.
If you want a really nice job, then treating the grout lines with lithofin grout protector works wonders as well.
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John Rumm

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