Over sized work surfaces?

In order to fit an IKEA kitchen I need deeper than the usual 600 work
Has anybody seen 700s around in local sheds/suppliers at a sensible
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The price does go up a lot when you want wider work tops, but the benefit is worth it.
Try some of the independent kitchen shops. Usual sizes are
600mm commodity price (£40/3m) but will look mean, has no room for out of true walls and will probably force you to leave a gap at the back which you hope the tiles will cover.
616, 650 mm as above but disproportionately expensive.
700, 750 and 900 which has two 'front' edges. The ripped-off edge can be used as an upstand. even more expensive.
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Ed Sirett
Howdens worktop is 616mm, which gives a reasonable lip on 600 cabinets, and their breakfast bar is fairly reasonably priced.
Odd sizes are easier to find in timber than in laminate, eg
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also do 660mm laminate, but at =A3178 per length!
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