OT. Recycling - sorted.

I've been giving this recycling malarkey some thought & I've got it sorted.
Frequent trips to the bottle bank have prompted me to evaluate the problem.
The answer? Simple - drink more Scotch.
Think about it. A litre of Bells is 40 units. One single clear glass
Red wine - you would have to consume over 4 x 750ml bottles to get 40 units.
At least 4 coloured bottles to recycle - not as easy as one clear bottle is
it? And once that 5th bottle is open - well you can't waste it can you?
Beer? 12 of those big 660ml bottles of Stella to get 40 units. 12 green
bottles (we know a song about that) to recycle - even worse it could be 18
of those 440ml cans.
And delivering one bottle of Scotch is a smaller carbon footprint innit?
Less of your emissions innit?
I shall be doing my bit for the environment over Christmas.
Don't worry lads, the environment is safe in my hands.
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The Medway Handyman
You could bring this back on-topic by brewing your own. You can help keep what remains of the Kent hop fields in business, too. P.S. Stella is not beer. It (and all other lagers) should only be used for clearing drains.
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Paul Herber
On Mon, 10 Dec 2007 22:31:21 GMT someone who may be "The Medway Handyman" wrote this:-
Of course the 18 cans can be squashed into much the same volume as a bottle of Bells and weigh rather less:-)
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David Hansen
The message from "The Medway Handyman" contains these words:
My whisky comes in a green bottle*. The empties go out in the fortnightly recyling box. All I need is to carry it the 60 yards to the road. Before the recycling collection was instituted the empties went in the bin. I couldn't be arsed to go out of my way to deliver them to a bottle bank.
Morrisons Islay single malt. Not much more expensive than blended whisky.
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Indirectly - they are :-)
If I go to tut pub I will drink real beer, but it doesn't taste the same in cans or bottles does it?
All hail to the ale....
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The Medway Handyman
Sure my friend... a definitive solution indeed. However, it i still subject to improvement. If you buy a bottle of pure alcohol and then you add water (as if it were cask-strength whisky to be tasted as per the distillers' recommendations) you can reduce your carbon footprint even more.
As it happens, your idea is quite open to generalisations. If you refrain from visiting for at least a week or so the notorious place that goes under the puritan name of lavatory, you can definitely save the environment in an articulated way. No water waste from flushing, no environmental pollution...
However, considering the long-running "discussion" that focuses on yourself, the potential danger of the above generalisation in this particular context is that it may lead some correspondents of this forum to draw extreme conclusions that I am not obviously suggesting...
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Thats what I like - creative thinking.
Are you taking the ........
Lets not go there.
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The Medway Handyman
Proper bottled beer has had something of a resurgence in the past few years - our local supermarket has an absolutely boggling range of it, and IMO it comes out pretty well.
Was at a hotel in the highlands earlier this year. They've gone for bottles, which seems an excellent way of solving the real beer problem (not enough regular custom means casks go off). The days of nothing but Tennents Lager seem to be thankfully coming to an end.
(hmm, I wonder if having no smoking will encourage real beer, as people's senses recover?)
cheers, clive
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Clive George
The message from Frank Erskine contains these words:
The Famius Grouse is better, if you like blended whisky.
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Anne Jackson
In message , Anne Jackson writes
Can anyone explain why whisky, (including all the malts I have tried) alone amongst spirits, aggravates my asthma? With all the talk of pure highland ingredients I'd've expected appreciation from my body rather than paroxysms of wheeze. :(
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I don't have asthma but I have noticed that if I go beyond half a bottle in one sitting I start to sneeze, just thought it was my body telling me when to stop! Maybe you should cut down a little?
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And yoiu were doing so well, until you completely destroyed your credibility by demonstrating that you don't actually know what you're talking about...
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