Non-yellowing, thin, non-gloss clear finish for maple?

I made some things from pale maple, and added a clear finish called
Antique Oil (from B&Q). I loved the ease of application and the speed
of drying and the quality of finish, however I didn't like the way it
darkened the wood slightly (as most oils and varnishes do).
Is there anything that is similarly easy to apply evenly, that doesn't
change the colour of the wood? It needs to be non-toxic and reasonably
hard-wearing and also moisture-proof. It also needs to be non-glossy,
so that the wood looks more or less unfinished/natural to the human
eye, yet is preotected from staining, soiling, etc.
Thank you,
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Model aircraft dope - a celluluose lacquer - is one, and model aircraft sanding sealer is another. Tho that one isn't that hard wearing.
Most acrylic varnishes are pretty neutral too.
For ultimate tough, get the thing done in polyester resin. That's what e,g. a guitar maple neck should have if its top notch. Otherwise it will be cellulose.
If its ornamental, use the dope.
Dries in about half an hour, then sand back the fuzz, and hit it with another coat.
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The Natural Philosopher
Water-based floor varnishes.
Experiment first.
B&Q is a poor place to buy wood finishes. Limited range, very expensive.
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Andy Dingley

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