New wooden door

I've had to put a new wooden door on the garage. What's the best way of
treating this? Normally I'd wait for a dry summer day and varnish it but
can I use varnish when it's freezing like this? Luckily it's in a
sheltered spot which doesn't get much rain so it'll stay mostly dry over
winter but I'd still like to treat it asap. Given the choice I wouldn't
have done it now but since the old one broke we had to get a new one put in.
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From their website they seem to be similar to most others in that they advise against applying the varnish if below 5C. I suppose I'll have to wait until a dry warmish (for the time of year) day.
"Do not apply if there is a risk of rain, or when air/substrate temperatures are below 5°C or above 30°C during application or drying periods. Protect from frost and rain until dry. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying, visual quality and durability of the finish."
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Fair comment
I was merely offering this as an alternative to varnish and I only do outside wood treatment in warm weather so had not looked at the drying temperature requirements
Suspect that you will need warmer weather for most/all products
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I always treat the bottom edge with candle wax, especially the end grain bits at the corners. This is usually where the door absorbs most moisture, but the bit everybody forgets. Makes it less likely to swell in wet weather and less prone to rot. Any solvent based Ronseal type varnish will go off in cold weather...eventually...but might show water spots if it rains. They all go yellow though. I'd use a 2 part Rustins varnish which sets hard in a couple of hours and stays water clear.
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Stuart Noble

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