Need something like staple gun, only with smaller 'pins' or hooks

Hi all, It's my first time on here, and it's fairly obvious from my
subject header I nothing about DIY tools, so I hope some readers can
help. :-)
I am trying to find a tool or device that will eliminate the need for
needle and thread (and I don't mean a sewing machine!). I am
assembling hair extensions from wafts of hair that need 'snap clips'
attached. Basically, these small clips contain tiny holes through
which a small needle just about fits. They are supposed to be sewn
onto the seam across the top of the hair waft. You can see a small
photo of the clips here:
formatting link
(The actual length of the clips are about 2cm, to give you an idea of
the proportion.)
The usual method is by needle and thread, where a 'simple' stitch ties
the clip and hair waft together: a thread is pulled through the clip
hole, and then through the hair waft's seam. The thread is then
directed back over the tops of both items to do the same thing again
several times, forming a small loop which is then sealed off like a
basic knot.
However, the tiny diameter of the clip holes and the thin seam on the
hair waft means I can only manage to thread it through 2 or 3 times,
(and even this is a struggle) before I cut off the badly-made knot.
In addition, all the meddling ends up getting the hair getting tangled
with the thread.
I am trying to find a tool that could seal both things together via a
different method. I am thinking there must be something equivalent to
a 'staple gun', only smaller (the guns used in ear-piercing also
spring to mind). The key difference is that whatever 'bridge' h end
to prevent it slipping out. The side-view would look something like
this 'model':
.. where x and y are the clip and waft, and each '|' on either side
would be these 'barriers', sort of like tiny drawing pin heads. I
have just spent the last hour trailing through the B&Q website, but
have no idea what I am actually looking for.
Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
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It sounds like you almost need a tiny rivet, but I doubt you will fond any that small. If the clips are metal, you may be able to electrically spot weld them.
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John Rumm

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