Modifying buried copper pipe

I am about to embark on a project that involves replacing a window with
french windows. Currently, there is a radiator below the window. The
radiator pipes emerge from the solid concrete floor. I believe that I
have two options. Either:
1) Excavate the floor sufficiently to cut the pipes just below the
surface and cap off. For the replacement radiator (which will be to one
side of the new french windows) run new pipework from the upstairs
circuit down the wall. I can probably do this in the corner, and box the
pipes in.
2) As 1 but connect to the existing flow and return and extend to the
the new rad location. Cosmetically this will be the best option but I am
concerned that the more that I have to excavate, the higher the
probability of damaging the pipework.
Any advice or tips as to how best to go about this? What problems am I
likely to encounter? I don not like at all the idea of buried copper
pipe but you have to work with what is there. The house is late 1970s
construction. I do have a decent SDS drill!
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Chipping out screed enough to get at the pipes and lay new underfloor ones is not THAT bad.
Who cares if you damage the pipes? juts chip out more !!
An angle grinder and bolster will do the job..
The purists will say that you should have a trunked space to lay the new pipes in. with a removable cover.
I tend to say sod that, put a plastic sleeve round the pipes and concrete them in again after testing.
If you have to rip up the floor covering to get at a leak, you might as well rip up the screed as well, I say ;-)
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The Natural Philosopher
Use an angle grinder + chisel to expose enough pipe to work with.
I did this to replace and reroute a damaged pipe going to a radiator.
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