Mini product review: Intelliswitch light switch

I bought this as I noticed that I was in the habit of killing tungsten filament lamps by not cleanly switching the light switch, but rather slowly rocking the switch (using 2 fingers) and thereby causing arcing. Anyway, that's by the by..
What is it? It's a touch controlled dimming lightswitch for a tungsten (not low energy or fluorescent) load up to, erm, 200 odd watts I think. Anyway full specs, plus pictures, etc. at
It has no switch as such, just a flat central area to the switch plate. Touch this area and the lights switch on (in fact they ramp up in brightness from off to max - cool!). Touch it again and the lamps switch off. Press and hold to raise or lower the brightness through (ISTR) 16 increments between off and max.
It's mighty wizzy and only cost around 30 GBP. It also has advanced features like programmable auto-on, auto-off after a set period and a slow dim (over hours) for those kid's bedrooms.
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