metal bath fitted - need to be earthed?

Just had a metal bath tub fitted in to the bathroom using B&Q
installation. I've noticed it hasn't been earthed. Does a metal bath
always need to be earthed as part of electricity regs? If so can
someone explain why please so 1. I can understand but most importantly
2. so I can go back to B&Q and ask them why they haven't earthed the
The shower that has been fitted over the bath is a gravity fed shower,
if that makes any difference?
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In article , "Dundonald" writes:
Well, you could try searching back on google. I guess no one answered because bathroom earthing issues have been asked/answered very many times before, and you didn't provide enough information for a straight yes/no response.
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Andrew Gabriel
Aah, are you dissatisfied with the poor customer service? I mean, 13 hours and no answer - that's ridiculous. I'd complain if I were you.
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Sorry guys. Slap on the wrist received.
I've studied, and I have learned that the batch can be bonded to copper pipes. The pipes that come underneath the bath are plastic, but at the wall, those plastic pipes attach to the copper ones.
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