kitchen radiator

What size radiator should you fit in a kitchen? I used a radiator
calculator that I found via google but I was surprised at what it
The boiler is in the kitchen so it's quite warm; my last house had the
boiler in the kitchen and had no radiator in there, so I would have
thought that the boiler heat, combined with heat from cooking, would
mean you needed a small radiator.
The calculator recommended quite a large size. Does it not take into
account the boiler being in the kitchen. Where are boilers normally?I
suppose it's better to have a big rad and turn it down, rather than
have a small rad that you cannot turn up?
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I would think 500W is adequate for a small kitchen with a boiler..and decent insulation.
That's about what a kickspace puts out IIRC.
Out vast kitchen is totally OK with less than 1 Kw of Aga..Ok thats on 24x7 in winter..but even so...
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The Natural Philosopher
In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
How long is a piece of string? It depends on the size of kitchen, the construction, number and size of windows, etc., etc. Most on-line calculators are pretty crude - and don't tell you how they arrived at a particular number. You need to get hold of a half-way decent heatloss calculation program which runs on your PC, and which allows you to control all the important parameters - such as those provided by Barlo or Myson.
Depends on the boiler. If you have a modern high efficiency boiler, there should be very little heat leaking into the room.
Not unless you tell it about other sources of heat! And on-line calculators probably don't allow you to do that.
They can be almost anywhere - kitchen, utility room, behind a gas fire(!), garage, airing cupboard, attic, outhouse - the possibilities are legion, and it often depends on what is convenient in a particular case.
Yes, unless space is tight - in which case it's better to have the *right* size of rad.
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