Interior light timer

Our interior light timer has given up the ghost. I cannot remember who
made it not that it particularly matters as the thing was a bit of a
pain to use (having to go through a menu to switch between auto security
setting and manual). I am looking for a replacement and it appears that
the choice is a bit limited. What I really want is something that can
be used as a normal light switch (to a compact fluorescent) and a
security switch that will come on when the ambient light level falls and
then stay on until a predetermined time at night unless manually
switched off.
I see that Timeguard (Smiths) do a couple
formatting link
the ZV700 has a non-replaceable battery and the ZV210 does not handle cf
lamps without an add on and appears to be slightly fiddly to change
between auto and manual.
Has anyone used other makes/models?
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I've got a ZV210 (with a tungsten bulb) and switching between manual and auto is simple - Simply rotate the dial to the desired length of 'On' time for 'Auto' or to '0' for 'Manual'
Thanks for pointing out the fluorescent add on, I didn't know they were available...
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Peter Watson
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Yes but could it work with a timer to allow it to switch off at eg 2330 when we are away? A light on throughout the night is not really what I am looking for.
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I have the two-gang version of the ZV210 (ZV215) and it works a treat. As another poster said, switching from manual to auto is simple.
I too didn't know about the adaptor for low energy bulbs. I am overjoyed by this addition! :o)
Anyway - I'd certainly recommend.
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My apologies - in past years this ng has always been a source of helpful guidance where contributors have been willing to explain to those with more limited knowledge than themselves how to solve a problem. Like many I am able to follow simple instructions :)
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I don't doubt it. But the skills required to do electrical work safely are far beyond those required to understand how to wire up a switch, so if you do go ahead I'd be asking a few more questions first.
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