Cutting kitchen vent funnel covering ?

I will have to cut the square edged steel vent cover, where it meets
the ceiling.
I reckon I could cut slightly into the pasterboaed above to hide the
jagged edges and any imperfections ........ but ....... which is the
best method and tool to cut the steel?
Mike P
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Mike P
If it's not too thick, aviation shears like:
formatting link
these seem worryingly cheap. I'm sure mine were 25 quid (no idea what brand).
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No personal experience but on any of the build a car/motorbike shows they use an angle grinder with a cutting disc in. They first mark the line and seem to cut it in one pass .
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Depending on the size, a hacksaw, a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, a nibbler or an angle grinder with 3mm metal cutting disk
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aviation shears?) and TBH the result wasn't brilliant. It cut the straight bits fine, but at the two corners it got slightly kinked, due to the difficulty of getting the tips of the shears to cut around the 90-deg bend. I'd use a different method next time.
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