insulation in garage

Hi My garage is built on the side of the house and abuts to the garage next
door so the only 2 walls that are exposed are the back wall with a door and
window and the front which is a metal up and over door. I got a digital
thermometer which has a remote sensor and have noticed that the temp in the
garage is always about 6 - 7 degrees C higher than outside. Just now the
garage is 4.6 C and my greenhouse (unheated) is -2.5 C and because I always
feel cold the house is 22 C
My kitchen and hall and stairs are next to the garage so I assume that heat
is going through the wall.
For reasons that I won't go into, I cannot get my cavity walls insulated,
except by paying loads of money so I thought of lining the garage wall that
joins the house with sheets of 8ft by 4 ft polystyrene
Because the garage was built after the house was built the inside of the
garage wall next to the house is harrowed (is that the correct term, little
white stones) and the other walls made with breeze block and the roof is
tiled to match the house.
So how much less heat would be stopped from coming through the wall? I am
not bothered about the other walls as it is my house I want to stop heat
escaping from not keeping the garage warm.
So does anyone think it would be worth while?
And if the cost of gas and electric keep going up it might be worth while
getting the cavity walls done in the future.
Thanks Jenny
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How thick? My experience of the stuff that goes under wallpaper is that it seems to make little difference.
Loft first, then cavity walls. Even if it's been done before, they put a lot more loft insulation in than they used to. And you can often get grants.
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Very little.
this is only because you have measured the temperature differences between the garage and the greenhouse. What about the rest of the house that must be losing the same amount of heat per sq metre as the side wall?
I can't understand this, you want to stop heat getting into the garage, but you aren't interested in the rest of the house?
you can put up sheets of polystyrene against the house wall in the garage, but it will have a negligible effect, and you'll have to live to be 600 years old to get the costs back in savings.
Why not get them done now?
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Phil L
My otherwise well-insulated house has an integral garage with metal up & over door. This seems to be a significant route for heat loss.
Has anybody insulated such a door?
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Chris J Dixon
You can stick Celotex inside it using Gripfill without significantly adding to the weight.
Putting some wide PVC sealing strip around where the frame and door meet is good as well to reduce draughts.
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Andy Hall
Just yesterday I was following a lorry that claimed to be the only UK manufacturer of insulated garage doors - at least the rollup type.
Miraculously I have remembered enough to get to their web site:
I have not looked further but thought it could be of use to someone.
As always - no affiliation - I'd never heard fo them until I saw the lorry.
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