Indesit DG6145 DishWasher Oooops!

OK so it started with a jammed water pump motor, which is now cured...BUT....
Now the dishwasher overfills to the point where it floods out from the bottom of the door, so what is the fill switch supposed to look like on one of these things?!!!....or does it use some other form of electrickery so as it doesn't need one???!!!
I know nothing about dishwashers, but I'm willing to learn...
I've found the flood switch under the unit which shuts off the water supply and runs the drain pump...
I've found a temp. switch on the underside of the wash's just affixed to the exterior of the chamber with heat conductive compound...
There's some sort of pressure/water release valve inside the chamber that just has two pipes coming from it underneath the unit, into the flood switch area....
And there is one other sensor, poking up between the heater element inside the unit, which I was assuming was another temp sensor, well that's what it looks like anyways!
Water just seems to continue entering the unit once the cycle starts.
The water inlet solenoid/switch thingy seems to work, but I could be wrong.Well it lets the water in when it's supposed to and it stops the water coming in when the dishwasher is switched off.
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