How do I turn off hot water to upstairs hot water taps

There is no hot water coming out of the hot tap for the bath but the ho
water tap for the sink does have hot water coming out of it. I hav
checked the tap and it is not bunged up with limescale. To check to s
if other parts of the tap are not gunked up I need to take the tap apar
but I can't work out how to cut the hot water off to the tap, help th
missus is bending my ear!!
DIY Numpty
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DIY Numpty
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It might help if you gave some details of the kind of system you have. Combi, traditional boiler with an immersion tank etc. There will either be a shut off valve in the line to the tap or one that stops cold water getting into the bottom of the immersion tank which therefore stops hot water getting out of it. Follow the pipework.
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Dave Baker
If you have a combi boiler just turn the water off at the mains.
If you have a cylinder in an airing cupboard and a tank in the roof, you should see a large pipe coming down and into the bottom of the cylinder with a large valve in it with a circular tap on it. Turn that off. (If you can. They are usually crapped up)
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these gate valves (i think thats their name) always gunk up and leak when fully off so, are they a servicable item or for the money, is it easier to just change it ?
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If you're really stuck, then regardless of what system you have then if you just turn off the water at the mains and open the taps, then eventually they'll all run dry either sooner or later. Best not to do it if you've got a full tank of hot water on board though, as it's a bit of a waste!
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I said that last year in here and 6 people turned up that have had them for 30 years and they always work perfectly, so I got kicked to death. :))
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But a tad longer than gate valves and sometimes the gate valve's compression fittings have a different thread so not always straightforward to replace. (Also factor in no play in the pipes, 3/4" pipework etc ...)
Still worth doing so though.
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John Stumbles
Not if you have a monthly routine of house maintenance, which includes operating valves and stopcocks and servicing any that don't work easily.
Colin Bignell
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