Help needed with washing machine

Our Zanussi FJ1295 sometimes stops during it's cycle, I'd thought the
problem was an intermittent mains switch - but the problem is still
there after changing the switch :-(
FWIW SWMBO thinks it usually freezes between the C and D points on the
cycle (this MAY be where extra water is added) and that if the timer is
turned one click forward it then completes OK. My guess (based on
nothing but intuition) is a dodgy water pressure switch but without any
diagrams I'm in the dark.
Are there any wiring, flow or logic diagram anywhere on the web?
Or is anyone old and wise enough to divine what the fault is?
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Does it rinse ok? ie expell the dirty water sometimes a washing machines pump gets clogged? and whats the powder draw like? quite a number of women never ever clean these out and you get a lot of gunge build up. These are just checkable ideas mind and probably are not the fault? but you never can tell.
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Have a look/ask the question at
formatting link
've had quick and accurate help in the past. Parts have been cheap too.
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In article , says...
You'll sometimes find the pipe to the pressure switch is blocked with gunge.
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