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Hi all.
Cutting the recesses for the hinges at the mo'
Just curious. All of the 'How tos' I've seen instruct
us to cut the hinge recesses on the door and the frame.
Is it 'abnormal' to cut a recess in the door only? so
the both halves of the hinge will recess into the door
and the door frame would not need recessing?
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Actually you should recess the hinges fully in the frame,makes it easier when the doors get changed for some other doors in the future ie you can leave the hinges on the frame then all you have to do is slightly wedge the door off the floor and screw hinges to door. :-)
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
What you suggest would *work* - but would also shout "obviously not fitted by a craftsman" - 'cos the hinges would be standing proud of the frame. What's the problem with recessing the frame? It's basically the same technique as recessing the door - but simpler 'cos you don't have to hold it in a workmate while you're doing it!
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Roger Mills
Not the norm for doorways but often used on kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture.
After saying that, providing you are not hanging a heavy door, then it's ok to do - but in my opinion harder to get right, can be troublesome for maintenance work at a later date and not very aesthetic.
As a matter of interest, many door and frame 'sets' made and assembled in the joinery shop prior to on-site fixing are done this way.
Brian G
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Brian G
Not only that, having the recesses in the frame makes it much easier to hang the bugger - since they carry most of the weight and keep it in place while you do up the screws.
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John Rumm

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