Generator safety question - grounding

I have a petrol generator in my vehicle that is used to power
equipment such as a pressure washer or other electrical item.
Obviously the generator exhaust is directed outside of the vehicle
and ventilation is good so this query does not concern Carbon Monoxide
Specifically, this query relates to the subject of grounding. The
generator is in the vehicle load bed and is obviously well separated
from the ground. The vehicle is usually operated on concrete or tarmac
so if a ground rod were necessary it wouldn't be possible. The
question is, ignoring whether I could fit a rod or not, is one
necessary? Would having one be more dangerous than not?
Is there any advantage in using a trip of some sort or because of the
earthing (or absence thereof) would it simply not work or work so well
that the supply is simply disconnected?
Any advice welcomed.
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We tend to call it earthing on this side of the pond.
It's considered acceptable to use small generators like this as a floating (unearthed | ungrounded) system, on a temporary basis. Ensure that the generator output is truly floating, i.e. it doesn't have a neutral or centre-tap connected to the framework.
For more details of sensible precautions see this article from the IEE Wiring Matters magazine:
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Andy Wade

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