Flexacryl - flat roof repair - any experience with this or alternatives?

Taking advantage of the good weather I am protecting my inheritance
by doing a few jobs on the exterior of my mother's house.
There are a few flat roofs on the property (gnash, horrible). None
of the roofs are leaking and I would like that to remain so. I'm
thinking of just lashing some "gunge" on the roof felt before any
cracks appear. I did a quick search on Screwfix Web site and came up
with Flexacryl - my does it seem the solvents used produce noxious
fumes on reading the safety note with the Web entry ! Anyway, as the
work will be done outdoors I'm hoping that's adequate ventilation.
So .. should I Flexacryl or use something else?
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I sold a similar product (Re-inforced Acrylic Polymer Roof Coating), many years ago. Did not get any problems or complaints. Be careful to achieve the correct spread rates as a thin coat will not weather very well. Also try to use a light grey as it will reduce solar gain. Solvents no problem if used in the proper environment, i.e. on roofs outside
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