Electric Cooker Ring/Element

One ring of the electric cooker went u/s the other week. Bought a new
element from an Internet Vendor. Was very cheap but I did not buy it
on price.
Fitted said ring and all OK for about two weeks then this evening
bang, flash and this ring tripped cooker circuit out.
Have blanked off control to this ring so it cannot be turned on.
Checked connections all fine. Reckon the ring was cheap chinese crap.
Could I be right and does anyone know where I can buy a quality 4 ring
7" Cooker Ring?
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Why not ask the Internet Vendor to replace it? Anyone can have an occasional dud one of something.
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Strange, I did think of that but I bought it while I happened to be on my way through Birmingham where the vendors shop was and that is 30 miles from here. 60 mile round trip cost more than the product. Also, once bitten twice shy.
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