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Not for me this one, but a colleague in work has a boiler than bangs
whenever the DHW kicks in (although it's alright with the heating
Thoughts welcome (common causes ?)
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Colin Wilson
1) Kettling due to reduced primary circuit flow and lack of inhibitor. 2) Internal thermostat has become insensitive and operating at higher than intended tempratures.
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Ed Sirett
What make & model is it? What sort of bang: is it as it ignites, or while the main burner is running?
If it's a combi I'd think about incorrect ignition and modulating burners: if it's not lighting cleanly but starting up at a low gas rate on CH but full bore on DHW you might get an ignition bang loudly on DHW but less/not noticeably on CH.
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John Stumbles
Thanks for the replies Ed / John - unfortunately I have no further info at present, as my colleague is off until (I think) next Wednesday...
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Colin Wilson

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