Exterior wall construction question

I am considering the idea of building my own ground-floor extension,
in consultation with relevant professionals for the specification, of
course. I've got a mid-terraced house build in 1900 in North London,
and it seems to me that it would be prudent to make the external walls
from something light (perhaps a timber-based construction?) so that I
don't have to dig too far down. This might be easier than a block or
brick construction, and would minimise party wall complications with
What do you think? My main worry is durability, I suppose.
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No reason why you can't build a timber framed extension (think American house). But the building control officer may still require deeper foundations than you would expect. You could probably build it on a concrete slab to reduce the digging depth. It may not add as much value to the house as a masonry build though. However, if it's rendered afterwards it would not *look* like a timber extension ! Alternatively, you could build a "conservatory" on one one the light foundation methods that are available. A conservatory should have an external door from the house, but may people take these doors off. This has been done on many home makeover TV programmes ! Simon.
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The depth of the foundations has little or nothing to do with supportung the weight, and everything to do with finding stable subsoil to start from.My house is timber:I still had to go down over 2m in places due to tree roots.
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The Natural Philosopher
Thanks - that's good to know. Think I'll try a chat with buildings regs.
I'm a bit averse to building a conservatory because I'm hoping to live in the extension all year round, and would imagine anything substantially glazed would cost a fortune to heat (and we're rather overlooked by other houses).
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I have heard of people who have built conservatories, the quietly put "proper" roofs on them, as well as removing the doors to the "main" house. I don't know how get-away-with-able that is, anyone like to comment? You'd also need not to impose a greater load on the atructure than it was able to take.
Regards Richard
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