dyson cr01

This 2002 purchased washing machine which I inherited has flagged up a
few faults recently. Googling around suggests this is not unusual.
First it flagged up that the outer door wasn't closed, a light
percussive maintenance seemed to cure that. Now it has produced an
error message that the machine has flooded fault f14 , switch off
water and call an engineer. The machine is dry. On powering off and on
the fault changes to f15 and call an engineer.
The google search suggests that f15 is something to do with a small
motor involved with the contra rotating drums, I'm thinking the
sequence of faults points to a system error. Any ideas apart from pay
dyson their fixed fee?
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I don't know the model, however a good starting point is to....
Check the pressure sensitive switch(es). This is circular, about 2 1/2 diameter and has a rubber pipe leading from it down to the drum. These sense the water level in the drum, water level rises up the pipe creating a small amount of pressure on a diaphragm, the diaphragm then operates a switch. The pipes become blocked, preventing the sensor seeing the level properly.
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