Desk runners? Where to buy

I have a desk bought from Argos a few years back.
The keyboard tray is almost dead- because the runners on the sides are
I have tried various DIY shops and Staples etc for these runenrs but cannot
find them anywhere
The desk kind of looks like this
formatting link
what i need kind of looks like this
formatting link
keyoard tray itself is not very thick (maybe 1.5cm depth - so the
runenrs themselves need to roughly match that.
but i need short oens - around 350mm max.
Any ideas where i can get them online? what are the proper names for them?
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In article , says...
Have a hunt through Isaac Lord's site
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I've always found them to be exceptionally good & a friend I once recommended them to found likewise.
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Ordered from them, less than £5 delivered - delivery cost more tham my order, lol.
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