Damp proofing garage walls

Can any one recommend a product for tanking a garage? I'm essentially just
going to do the walls, as a floorlayer friend is going to do the floor for
me with some paint they use, then he's going to screed it.
The walls are mostly single brink with some breeze blocks. I was going to
use bitumen emulsion, but is there anything less messy and easier to apply?
Would vandex be suitable for brick? Which retailer would be best to get this
stuff from?
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James Varty
There are many products, I used the FOSROC range for my underground walls, on my current build. Whatever you choose, you need to use it exactly like it says on the tin, and not mix your systems.
The black paint is not too bad to apply on a hot day, but its real hard work on a cold day. You need 3 coats. I would then wipe sand into the final coat, and render, to protect the stuff. If you use a waterproofing agent in the render, you will have a good dry wall.
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