Cutting bath panels

Current (wooden) bath panel is 1670mm x 513mm. I have bought an acrylic one
(1700mm x 520mm), so have to trim a bit off each edge. What is the best
method for this?
I was thinking of applying masking tape and marking the cut line on the tape
then using a hacksaw blade to make the cut. Is this correct?
Will a jigsaw create too much vibration on the panel?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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i did this recently using just a small tenon saw. it worked fine. the acryllic cuts easily and you can take is slowly with light pressure to avoid damage.
bear in mind that once you cut the ends off the panel it will become very floppy. i cured this by cutting shaped bits of wood to match the exact shape of the panel and gluing them inside using evo-stick.
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I'd be inclined to stick the cut-off bit behind if it would fit - save cutting out a shaped wood block. Simon.
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