commercial skirting / coving materials - bathrooms

Some commercial premises have something similar to coving at floor
level in a skirting board position, typically toilets & maybe medical
rooms, I'm sure it's a hygiene thing to remove dirt traps.
What is the name of this product & is it available to finish off
domestic bathrooms?
I think it could neatly cover the join between the wall and floor
tiles of my bathroom.
Or alternatively, sugestions for any other neat finishes appreciated.
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dirt dibbler
It's a rubber flooring component.
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something similar designed for domestic use, or the commercial stuff.
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I think its usually a very expensive commercial grade butyl rubber or vinyl sheet. The corners are either welded or glued together.
Its designed for very heavy wear - unlike cheap vinyl, it has no surface skin and surface color - its solid stuff and can wear a lot before it looks tatty.
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The Natural Philosopher
In article , dirt dibbler writes:
I tiled my bathroom floor in 200x200mm ceramic tiles. The skirting is made from half tiles, recessed into the wall so the surface is level with the plaster and they don't stick out. I was extremely pleased with the result, so much so I did exactly the same in the kitchen. No special parts were required.
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Andrew Gabriel

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