combi oil fired boiler

My son wishes to instal a combi oil fired boiler in his conservatory; the
electrical supply and necessary plumbing pipes are in place.
There are a few questions:-
1 Can he instal this himself, he is a competent do it your self man?
2 Are there any special requirements to be complied with regarding the
3 Can we but a purpose made flue and sleeve to go throught the timber and
slated roof?
4 What combi boiler would give good value to heat a 4 bedroomed house?
Thank you
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I have fitted an oil fired Stanley twice, once to an oil converted multi fuel and latterly a purpose built one, originally to replace a multifuel Rayburn. it became easier as I went along (not) ,
The oil tank should perhaps have a building warrant and the installation should comply with building control regs, I spent a long time in the library reading up on flues and building regs, now as I have seen a lot of locations of oil tanks and very few comply with the regs as I understood , I suspect no one actually applies for permission... oops usual caveats apply!!......Actually I suspect officially the Tank even requires planning permission?
You become multiskilled plumbing, electrical, building, the principle of flues etc! But you certainly learn how they work!
I managed to get a length of sleeved insulated chimney, actually suitable for a chimney fire of 1200 deg C!!! a bit of an overkill I think but it was available at the time at the right price. A quick Google produced
formatting link
4 What combi boiler would give good value to heat a 4 bedroomed house? Now that depends on the total btu's of the radiators, we have 6 radiators 7 rooms a 60,000 btu burner and it heats a 17c cottage with stone floors to what I would call warm, T shirt in winter warm (her indoors doesn't always agree.....)
I assume like us, no mains gas, Propane is horrendously expensive, electricity is also expensive to run, we had white meter 15 years ago and our heating bills are still cheaper! When we first put oil in (8 yrs ago IIRC) it was 9p per litre it's now 35p! and seems to go up at every fill :~(
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