Changing tap washer: nut won't budge

Brand new basin taps from Screwfix (Swish contemporary range,
conventional rotary operation, not cartridge-type).
One of them started dripping immediately after install. I fitted
flexible tap connectors, using a hack saw to saw off the old pipe. On
first use, the tap spewed out some copper that's probably
the cause.
Anyway, I decide to renew the washer. So I removed the tap shroud. But
I was then unable to turn the nut that holds the tap internals. I
used an adjustable wrench. I held the tap spout with my left hand and
tried with some force to turn the nut with my other hand, but it still
wouldn't budge.
This seems unusual for a brand new tap.
Any ideas?
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You can't exert much force that way. Get something locked on to the nut (Mole wrench?) and give the handle a sharp tap with a hammer
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Stuart Noble
Perhaps better to remove the tap before getting too brutal - otherwise you may damage the basin. Grease the thread before re-assembling.
If removed then a spanner on the hex and then swing it down onto a hard surface (floor) in the right direction should shift it. Avoid moles on the spout.
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The message from "John" contains these words:
Grip the body of the tap in a workmate. Use a proper ring spanner on the nut.
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