CH Inhibitor Fernox MB1 or F1 (or screwfix)

I have a open pumped CH/Gravity HW system. I need to refill with inhibitor,
but am confused if which I should use.
Fernox produce MB1 and F1 but it is not clear what the
advantages/disadvantages of each are? Alternativly I have looked at Screwfix
No Nonsense range.
The house is a 4 bed, with 11 rads. How much inhibitor should I be using? I
am guess at 1 bottle of MB1/F2, or using 2 for screwfix.
What is the consensus on which inhibitor to use here?
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"Jim" wrote
Fernox - no question. Likely 1 bottle is OK. Check with their excellent support for true dosage, recommended product etc. The other rated inhitor is Sentinel but I have found better results with Fernox. No commercial interest, just satisfied customer (along with many other members of this group)
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The specs are near-as-darnit identical (MB-1 quotes the pH of the solution not just the concentrate, and there are some other trivial changes). And the link "Download safety data sheets" gets you to "Email to request copies of safety data sheets for all of our chemical products".
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Andy Champ
A HAH! a little rummage gets me a safety data sheet.
MB-1 contains 1-5% triethanolamine (so 40-200 ml active ingredient per bottle)
F1 contains: triethanolamine 20-30% boric acid 15-20% 2,2'-iminodiethanol 1-5% 1h-benzotriazole 1-5% molybdenum trioxide 1-5% (which is 100-150ml triethanolamine per bottle, plus the other stuff, for about the same price...)
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Andy Champ

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