Cable Current Carrying Capacity

Hi all
Just looking at the calcs for my kitchen cabling to the 16th edition (don't
ask, I know we're in 17th territory now).
The wording in the on site guide I am referring to is a little unclear.
In appendix 6 there is a value to be calculated (lt) given as ln/CaCiCrCg.
The text in the OSG states that the tabulated value of current carrying
capacity is given by the above formula.
What I think it should say is that the tabulated value (generally given in
Table 6E1) must exceed the value calculated from the aove formula.
Can anyone provide informed opinion on this please?
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Yes that's correct, your cable must be able to carry equal to, or more than your calculated (It) result. I would have assumed you are using T&E cable, in which case you would use table 6F.
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We have our own section in the wiki
formatting link
, yes you calculate the current carrying capacity of your cable (In/CaCiCrCg) and then choose a cable from table 6F that is large enough to carry this current
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