bayonette light fitting security timer?

I have one of those electronic timers that plugs into a socket so I
can set a lamp to come on at programmed times when I am out. I've
realised a certain hall light gives a great impression of someone
being in by the way it throws light to other rooms. I'm sure I once
came across a timer that fits between the bayonette ceiling fitting
and the actual bulb - maybe in a catalogue - but I can't find it
again. Problem is with my terminology. Anyone know what I mean and/or
have recommendations? A table lamp in the hall plugged into my
current socket timer doesn't have the same effect as the ceiling
Thanks in advance
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I use one of these type of things
formatting link
formatting link
but its not a true timer, just a dusk-dawn setup, that doesn't work so well in hallways that are quite dark anyway, and tends to turn itsself on at odd times.
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Don't know about that; however I'm sure you can get replacement light switches with built-in timers such as you need.
Not sure if this is one of them as the description is worse than useless, however you get the idea:
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A friend once showed me a light switch he had replaced with a gadget which simulated occupation by switching a light on and off at irregular times for an unpredictable amount of on time. This might be what you need?
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