BAXI System 35/60 wiring.

I've lost the installation and servicing guide for my BAXI System
Originally I had downloaded it from the BAXI website, it was
originally called 248544.pdf.
I have the user guide, but not the install/service guide.
Does anyone have a copy they can email me, or link to a download?
The reason I need one is because I think the wiring on my boiler may
have been disturbed today.
The PCB had gone faulty and a new one was fitted. Now the boiler works
perfectly under CH demand, but during HW demand the HW demand light
comes on, and the pump runs, but the burner never lights.
If both HW and CH demand at the same time, the CH light goes out, the
burner goes off, but the pump continues to run. Previous to the new
board being fitted if CH and HW demand at the same time then both CH
and HW lights would stay on and the 3 way valve would operate.
email: kenny [ at ]
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Never mind! I found the problem - the wiring was absolutlely fine, the problem was that SAN pot on the new PCB had been turned down too far.
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