B & D Lawnrake / Motor Problem

Someone has given me a Black and Decker 1500 lawn rake - that wasn't
1st thing I did was to check the cable to and from the switch - all OK
2nd was to then check the wiring to the motor thinking that it's
complete lack of response was a break in a cable somewhere - after
removing loads of screws - still couldn't gain access to the motor and
cable - however for some reason I tried the power switch with the
drive belt removed and it ran fine.
If I put the drive belt back on it runs for only about a second and
then stops.
Remove the drive belt and the cog attached to the motor spins quite
happily - put the drive belt on and again only about a second before
it cuts out.
The cog/spindle that's driven by the belt can be turned by hand - it's
a bit stiff but not overly so - considering that this spindle has the
rake head attached to it I would have thought it's slight stiffness
wouldn't be a major problem.
So the motor runs ok until it comes under a slight load is that
indicative of the motor being u/s
I can't hold the motors cog when the power is applied and wouldn't
have thought there is more torque/resistance in the driven spindle
than me trying to hold the motors cog.
Any thoughts ...............
- Steve Lowe
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