Awkward earth bonding - bathroom

I've installed a bath and sink and want to check how to earth a couple
of awkward bits.
The pipes come through the wall from the loft of the extension next
door; they come straight through and have an elbow right up against
the wall, followed by an isolation valve, then metal flexi-pipe to the
metal taps (mixer on sink, pair on bath).
I've put supplementary bonding on the loft side of the pipework,
before it goes through the wall into the bathroom. However, there is
nothing to fasten earthing clamps to on the bathroom side - it's all
either elbow, valve/nuts or flexi-pipe!
Has anyone dealt with a similar situation to this? Are there (very)
narrow clamps available?
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Nathan Critchlow-Watton
In article , "Nathan Critchlow-Watton" writes:
Doing the bonding in an immediately adjacent room/space always seems to be perfectly acceptable. You will need to bond a metal bath too.
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Andrew Gabriel

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