Ariston AF200 Dishwasher fault - tech info?

My girlfriend's Ariston AF200 Advantage dishwasher has a fault with the programme dial thingy on the front, which I assume will end up with a replacement controller unit, but both because we don't have much money, and because I generally resent doing repairs by replacing a whole 'module', I'd like to have a go at properly diagnosing and fixing the fault first...
The fault is simply that, when the programme dial is 'set', by rotating it by hand, and then the machine is switched on, the dial does not rotate under it's own steam, as it should. If the dial is rotated by hand, the machine fills, empties etc.
Removing the controller unit reveals it to be a fairly simple electro-mechanical device, with toothed 'programme' wheels on a shaft, driven round (or not, in this case), by some sort of stepper motor on the side. There are 24 'pins' for electrical connectors on the other side.
What I really want is some technical documentation for this unit, so I have some chance of testing it before we scrap it. I've Googled without success - can anyone offer help? Are these units 240VAC internally, or what? I may end up just tracing wires, but I'd like to know what the 24 pins do, for instance...
Thanks for any help you can offer,
PJ - getting tired of washing dishes by hand...
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