angle drill driver

i need to get into a few tight spaces and have decided i need one of
the above,can anyone recomend or advise to avoid one?,i am lusting
after a dewalt 965k,any advice gratefully recieved and happy christmas
to all,Bob
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I also have the 18V, which is handy as I have other 18V kit but it's a bit bulky, not very ergonomic as a drill/driver, and only has a 10mm chuck (can you swap them for 13mm?). If I had the choice I'd get a 14.4 (I have a 14.4 drill too).
But compared to no angle driver it's occasionally a lifesaver.
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John Stumbles
Probably. I've just changed the chuck on my Bosch drill. £30 for a new chuck, made by Jacobs, it feels more solid than the std. one, as well as going to 13mm compared to 10mm. The only downside was the sellers, - I specifically asked if it came with a new left hand threaded screw (the chuck screws on, then a LH thread screw is used to secure it), the lady went off to ask, came back, and said "yes, it comes with 2 types of screw for different makes" It didnt, just the chuck was in the sealed, see-through packaging. There are 2/3 different sized chuck threads, you need to know which size you have (IIRC, Dewalt are mainly 1/2"), and possibly need a new securing screw, as they are very tighten and get chewed up when removing them. Alan.
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