Advice for fitting TRVs, room stat needed

With the imminent arrival of winter and the patter of tiny feet, and
all the advice that goes with that about keeping the house 'warm' I've
decided to either get (or fit myself) some TRVs fitted.
The current setup is a sealed system with 13 rads (one with a TRV
already) and a room thermostat in the living room. This has the usual
problem of the living room being just right and the rest of the house
being cold, so I need to make sure I sort that issue out otherwise to
get the nursery at the right temp the living room will be unbearable.
I asked the man from BGas for a quote when he was servicing the
boiler, he said don't bother, would be =A350 per rad, a wireless
thermostat would be =A3100-150 (!) but I should definitely get the room
themorstat moved, probably into the hall, and leave the radiator at
the top of the stairs without a TRV.
Does this sound right? How much would it all cost DIY, and what would
be a sensible quote to look for if I decided to get someone (other
than BGas) in?
Any recommendations for decent TRVs and wireless themostats?
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On Mon, 29 Oct 2007 01:50:49 -0700 someone who may be Alan wrote this:-
Without knowing how your house is laid out and oriented it is difficult to give precise answers.
In general an inside thermostat should go in a room not affected by internal heat gains and the sun. A north facing bedroom may be ideal.
If the heating can be re-arranged to put the nursery on a separate zone controlled by its own thermostat that would be ideal.
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David Hansen
On Mon, 29 Oct 2007 01:50:49 -0700, Alan wrote:
Do you have any other sources of heat in your living room? Have you checked your radiators are correctly sized?
A cheap solution could be: Move your stat to the coldest room and fit TRVs on some radiators in the hottest rooms.
BG is usually very expensive - you could try getting a quote from an independent heating engineer.
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