15mm Oak flooring

Any views as to whether 15mm is enough for solid Oak wood flooring? A
neighbour has asked me to fit this for her and I was wondering if a
minimum of 18mm is better?
Looking at the specs for secret nailers they seem to indicate that they
should be used with a minimum 18mm board. As this was the method I was
going to use (floor is concrete and needs battening as it is not level)
I was wondering why this was the case.
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Martin Carroll
I would have thought 15mm would be a bit on the thin side. You'll need to batten closer together to prevent too much bounce, and you have a higher chance of splitting the tongue off as you nail.
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18-22mm is much more realistic.
Either don't let her buy 15mm or is she does, don't do the fitting. This would not be a good outcome.
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Andy Hall
I would not like to use 15mm solid oak unless fully glued down ... or it will probably cup & warp.
Why not use engineered ?
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Rick Hughes

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