0845 Glassman?

At it says:
Many people believe that the problem with Fog, Condensation or
>Moisture in their windows means that the window seal has broken and
>needs to be replaced. This is False!
>The foggy or condensation window problem really boils down to the
>inability of the window's desiccant material to absorb the moisture
>that naturally builds between thermal pane windows.
>At 0845 Glassman we specialize in moisture and condensation removal
>from your thermal windows instead of expensive window replacement. Over
>the years, our proven technology has revolutionized the traditional
>window replacement business by repairing problem windows through our
>window restoration process.
>This proprietary process removes moisture in failed double glazed
>windows, which causes condensation to build or foggy windows while
>restoring the much needed R-value. This technology can also be
>installed in new windows protecting against future seal failures and
>moisture accumulation, which shows up as foggy window condensation >problems. >
>The 0845 Glassman process is the only cost-effective, no-hassle
>solution to the frustrating and annoying foggy window or condensation
>problems in your home and office.
Any views or experiences?
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Mike Barnes
It's the removal and re-installation that's te tricky bit. If you can get the failed unit out you might as well put a new one back as they are not that expensive.
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