Roof Ridge venting width

A few days ago I bought some roof ridge venting for a storage shed that I'm building. The man asked me if I wanted 9" wide or 11" wide. I told him 9" wide, but I don't think that I thought about it very much.
I plan to cover the vent with sections cut from 3 tab shingles. Tonight I measured those shingles and found that they are about 13" wide. This means that they will overhang the vent by 2" on each side.
I'm worried that that is too much of an overhang. Should I have purchased 11" wide vent instead of 9" vent?
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 I would have to say, yes, you should have bought an 11-inch vent. Two inches of unsupported extension of shingles can cause the shingles to deteriorate at a faster rate due to instability. The area of the shingle adhering to the vent responds much less readily to the atmospheric conditions (e.g. temperature which causes expansion and contraction), and the uneven physical changes throughout a unit of a shingle are not favorable.
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