Honda pressure washer won't start - sat up for 2 yrs. Need carb rebuild?

Honda GCV 160, 5.5 HP, Delta Shopmaster 2450 PSI. Would not start then sat up for 2 yrs. Put in fresh gas; spark plug looks good. Rope pulls ok. On 1st attempt, small amount of gas leaked rapidly from somewhere. Also, this is the model that u cannot let it run more than two minutes without the gun trigger being pulled to release pressure. Should I clean out the carb needle valves? Maybe take off the pump to see if it will start w/o pump?
Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Al
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I suspect it's just a matter of sediment in the Float Cup that is now clogging the Fuel Jet, sitting doesn't really cause any problems. See this video, "EASY FIX! HONDA PRESSURE WASHER that will not start after storage (plugged carburetor main jet)
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