Honda Power washer starts but shuts off after a while then doesn't start at all

This Honda power washer model CGV 160 is new, only used it for 13 hrs total in about 15 months time, it has always started right away and I've had no problems. I always store it w/o gas and have read the manual and checked the oil, gas, spark plus. air filter, fuel line is on, trigger is on, etc. Like I said it will start right away when I first use it, but sometimes, in as little as 5 mins it will turn itself off and the more I try, the less it starts, but if I wait a few hours it will usually start right away and the same process starts all over again. I live overseas in Panama, Central America and here they have started to add Ethanol in the 91 octane that I use, though I have used said gas for the last 3-4 times that I used the power washer and I didn't have a problem before. I'm starting to feel that might be the problem? Does anyone know of an additive that I can use or what to suggest to try? Thanking you in advance.
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Sounds like you may have sediment in the Float Cup that eventually stirs up to block the Fuel Jet. The blockage then drops out when left to sit. This is a horizontal engine orientation (yours should be a vertical), but See this video, "EASY FIX! HONDA PRESSURE WASHER that will not start after storage (plugged carburetor main jet)", for that procedure
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