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radiant heating in existing slab
I would like to install radiant heating in an exising basement slab floor. The cieling space is already low and so I do not want ot add anything on top of the floor. I have an wet saw that can cut...
13 years ago
Water Softner Install
My Mom and Dad Just bought a new house. It is on a slab. What are the options for installing a water softner. The would like it in the garage. The main shut off is in a hall closet. Any help would be...
13 years ago 10
Are There Any ADA Toilets With Round Bowls?
We are putting in new floors due to damage from a slab leak and would like to replace the 30 year old toilets at the same time. Today I picked up an American Standard Cadet 3 ADA model that I thought...
13 years ago 2
Help - Ground Floor Toilet Replacement (UK) - Glazed Drain - Bit Long
Hi all I have a 1970s property which AIUI is probably one of the last in the UK to be fitted with glazed drain piping system. I am looking to replace the original downstairs WC with a more up to date...
13 years ago
Am Stan toilet
Hey Boys, I'm having trouble with an Am Stan elongated bowl WC. It has one of those new flappers with the styrofoam floaty thingy on the flapper. There are two problems. One is that the flapper...
13 years ago 3
hot water runs out upstairs - not downstairs
i have a 3 story little house with 2 bathrooms, one on the 2nd floor, one on the top floor. the hot water comes from a 40 gallon gas hot- water-heater in the basement. i cannot even get enough hot...
13 years ago 3
Water Smell
Had a bathroom sink replaced with a pedestal sink. Only new components added were the two feed lines and the faucets. Started getting a strong sulfur smell coming from both the hot and cold water;...
13 years ago
Help need to light worcester 28i junior boiler
We had to turn our gas off and now can't relight our boiler. It's a "Worcester 28i junior" and as far as I can see, you should be able to press the reset button and it should light - but it isn't! Any...
13 years ago 1
Pump house Plumbing Project for new Tanks and Cottage
Here is the Project I've been working on. We are adding a Cottage to the Property and the county has required that we add Water Storage Tanks, so we went all out and came up with this.. Comments?...
13 years ago
Booster Pump Connection - Size?
I have a 5000 Gallon Tank that I have a 1 1/2" supply that will be feeding a house with a 1 1/2" line. The house could have 3 showers, Dishwasher and Laundry all going at the same time. What size...
13 years ago 4
Looking for Water Flow Sensor for PVC pipe
I'm looking to see if there is flow in the line of a 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" PVC pipe. I'd like to check to be sure that if a pump is running that there is Flow in the pipe. So the flow will be more than...
13 years ago 13
Unions and Automated Valves Qs
Seems like I hear somewhere that putting some Vaseline on the o-ring of a union was a good Idea. though I was not sure if that was for Water or something else? I will have several unions in my...
13 years ago 1
what's a suitable flow-switch for residential plumbing applcations?
i've seen the pulsa-feed FC2000. need something to control a chlorine injection pump. any experiences with that, or any other unit? TIA walter
13 years ago
Hello, i have just had a radiator moved from one side of te room to the other and the plumber used plastic pipe,as opposed to questions,how does this compare in performance to copper and was he doing...
13 years ago 3
Pilot Light
Folks, quick question,does the gas stop flowing when the pilot light goes out in a Combi boiler?Thanks. yes Thanks for the reply. Not arguing with Ned here, but I think the correct answer is that IT...
13 years ago 3