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Please Help plumbing question?
I have an existing baseboard heater running along a wall in my living room. Behind the wall is a garage half of witch will be converted into a work room. The Radiators in my house and the baseboard...
13 years ago 9
looking for UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code - CD
Help, i'm looking for the UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code - CD to download...
13 years ago
pex pipe question
House is plumbed with pex pipe. I want to modify the bathroom layout. The pex is terminated with 1/2 copper tubing 6" long. Can I solder a 1/2"fitting on tubing without damaging the pex/copper joint?...
13 years ago 2
Problem with sink drain
When kitchen sink - at least half full, is drained, the water backs up in to a sink in the basement. There is no problem if I run the kitchen faucet without stopping the drain. The kitchen sink is...
13 years ago 2
Pressure balanced shower valve hammering
We did a bathroom remodel a couple of years ago. At the time the contractor had a problem with a knocking in the shower wall behind the shower valve whenever any other water faucet was closed. A call...
13 years ago 4
Repairing a broken drain line
This is for a home in Catawba County, North Carolina.... We have had a roto-rooter dude run his camera up a terra cotta drain = pipe and saw that there is a break about 15-ft inside the concrete =...
13 years ago 9
expansion vessel needs repressurised?
Hello, How can you tell if the expansion vessel needs repressurised? What are the tell tail signs? Thanks
13 years ago
Vokera Syntesi 25
Do i need to drain the system to test the pressure in the Expansion Vessel on this boiler? I believe i have to drain the system if the Expansion Vessel needs pumped up can anybody clarify
13 years ago
Case 4000
I'm looking for a white replacement seat for a Case 4000 water closet. The hinges are 10.5 inches on center. Any help? Doug Kirk Zinzola Plbg. 1758 Clinton St. Buffalo, NY. 14210 Tommy carries all...
13 years ago 1
Bathtub will not stop dripping.
1. I do not know what I am talking about. 2. I am a so-so DIY'er. (Do-it-yourself'er) My bathtub has been leaking for the longest time. My first attempt at fixing it was to: 1. Turn off the water. 2....
13 years ago 6
Dual flush toilet noise
Just had a dual flush toilet fitted all works OK. BUT, there is a loud clonk noise as the valve shuts off at the end of the short flush. After the long flush there is hardly any noise. My sister has a...
13 years ago
Bath & Sink Waste Pipe
Could someone please tell me what is right or wrong. I have just fitted a complete new soil stack and bathroom suite. At the moment the only thing connected to the soil stack is the toilet. I now have...
13 years ago 4
Well Boys, I've been offline for a little while. Just thought I'd check in and tell you that we're moving to Kosovo on Tuesday. We'll live there two years. I'll send a report about Eastern European...
13 years ago 1
Toilet problem
I have a split-entry ranch home, which means that the ground floor varies from ground level to about 3 feet below ground level. Ever since I installed a toilet on the ground level on an existing waste...
13 years ago 5
Kohler Bathroom Faucet Leak
Hello, This Kohler faucet was put into my home in 1972 when it was built. It has two handles about on 10 inch centers and a swivel spout. It goes with a rather large sink which was designed to bath...
13 years ago 1